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We understand that if you are visiting this webpage you are most likely in trouble or have a problem and you need help. That’s why we’re here.

Our practice focuses on the individual, the private client, by providing a full range of legal services. We can represent you no matter the case nor the problem.

Our firm’s civil practice encompasses all aspects of the broad litigation spectrum. We can represent you in personal injury cases, commercial litigation, contractual disputes, employment litigation, family litigation and civil disputes. We have represented our clients in cases before every court in the Country, including the District, Circuit, High Court and Supreme Court.

Our criminal defence service is very well renowned and draws on our expertise and zealous work in protecting and defending you and your rights. We understand the fear you have when faced with being charged with a crime. We understand the fact that you may be imprisoned if convicted or that your life may change due to a conviction. We understand and know the consequences you face. We never forget how important our job is and our responsibility in ensuring you receive the best representation. This means never overlooking any key fact or evidence, always making sure you can contact us and never forgetting that you are the client and your life is on the line.

No matter the case, civil or criminal, we take our position as your Solicitor seriously and we always represent our clients to the highest standards. We do this while always ensuring we act with the greatest professionalism, skill and integrity.

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