Separation Agreements, Judicial Separation & Divorce Proceedings

At McIntyre O’Brien Solicitors we ensure any client who approaches us with a family law problem is afforded the appropriate and most beneficial advice during this very difficult period in their life.

The breakdown of a marriage is obviously a very emotional and difficult time for a couple. The breakdown in a family home and the proper division of marital assets, who sees the children where and when and the payment of maintenance are just some of the key matters which need to be considered.

We have the expertise in family law to advise our clients when going through a marital breakup. This may involve the entering into a separation agreement or engaging in litigation through judicial separation or divorce.

If you would like to speak to us regarding any of your family law matters, please contact us at 074-9725105 so we an advise you in a confidential and pragmatic manner as to what options are available to you.

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