Licensing Law

At McIntyre O’Brien solicitors we have the legal knowledge to assist in dealing with all aspects of the licensing code and intoxicating liquor laws. We can provide guidance, advice and representation in terms of dealing with the various issues and hurdles either a licensee or potential licensee may encounter. This includes the preparing and representing of clients when they are applying to the District Court and circuit Court for the transfer and renewal of publicans licence and hotel licences, off-licences, beer retailers off-licences, spirit retailers off-licences, wine retailers off-licences and special restaurant licences. In addition we can assist in successfully making applications for special exemptions, extensions and occasional licences.

We can also advise our clients in terms of their legal requirements regarding the sale of alcohol and trading hours. And when difficulties arise in your trade, for example being prosecuted for selling alcohol after hours or being prosecuted by the Health Service Executive in respect of alleged breaches of the Public Health (Tobacco) Act 2002, we can represent you and defend such proceedings.

If you require advice or representation in respect of any licensing matter, please contact us at 074 – 9725105 or please email us at

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