Public Order Offences

One of the most common offences which come before the District Court is that of public order offences. These offences are principally governed by the Criminal Justice (Public Order) Act, 1994 which sets out the law on the following areas:

Section 4- Intoxicated in a public place and there is a reasonable fear for your safety or for others;

Section 6- Use or engage in abusive, threatening or insulting behaviour in a public place;

Section 8- Failure to comply with the direction of a member of An Garda Siochana

Section 13- Trespass on a building

The above is only a snapshot of the number of offences one can be prosecuted for under the Public Order Act,1994. There are a variety of offences which can be technically triggered and this all depends on the circumstances surrounding the where, how and why of the offence occurring.

At McIntyre O’Brien Solicitors, we are experts at analysing public order offences in determining whether you have any reasonable defence. In the absence of a recognisable defence, we can advise on the best way to approach these offences to achieve the best result for you e.g. the possibility of having the Probation Act applied to your circumstances which would avoid a formal conviction becoming a part of your record.

If are charged with this offence please contact us at any of our contact details including our office telephone number of 074-9725105 so we can advise you as soon as possible in respect of any public order offence.

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