Serious Crime Offences

Whereas the most simplest of offences may bring consequences such as the loss of a job, embarrassment and the lack of standing in the community along with the internal mental anguish and uncertainty. In saying that, not all crimes are equal in terms of their seriousness and the consequences and possible sentence for an accused should they be convicted by a jury.

As a firm that emphasises our specialty as a criminal defence firm, we have the necessary skill and expertise required to defend charges of the most serious nature. This can relate any charges before the Circuit Criminal Court, Central Criminal Court or the Special Criminal Court .

In cases such as these, it is very common for outside experts to be called upon to provide guidance and assistance to the defence. This can include the likes of forensic scientists, engineers, ballistics experts and computer experts to name a select few. We have the experience and relevant contacts and expertise to instruct the most suitable expert to assist with the defence of any case.

The same applies for our selection of counsel. If faced with a serious criminal charge, we assure you that we will assemble the best legal team to fight your corner.

Finally, we promise we will listen to you. You are the client and what you tell us is the most important aspect of your defence. Taking your detailed instructions throughout your case is a cornerstone of our criminal defence service.

If you, or someone on your behalf, requires further advice and assistance in respect of any of the above, please contact us at any of our contact details, including our office telephone number 074-9725105 or please email us with any queries you might have at

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