Drug Crime

Possession of Drug offences

At McIntyre O’Brien solicitors, we can advise you and assist you in any criminal prosecution of a drug related nature.

The vast majority of cases involving drug related issues pertain to possession. There are generally two groups of people who come before the courts on possession charges: people who suffer from the plight of being addicted to drugs in Ireland and young people who have “experimented” and are first, and only time, offenders.

The offence of possession of an unlawful drug is a very serious matter. Future employment, travel issues and societal backlash are just some of the adverse consequences of being convicted of such charges.

We can provide you with advice you need as to how to properly confront a charge of this nature.

If you have been arrested or charged with an offence of possession of an illegal drug, then please contact us for immediate advice.

Possession with intent to sale or supply

If you have been arrested and or charged with possession with intent to sell and/or supply illegal drugs, then needless to say this is a very serious charge you are facing.

Most cases of this nature take place on indictment in the circuit criminal court. Some cases can however be tried at the district court level; usually the issue of jurisdiction is based on the nature and value of the alleged drugs seized.

Cases of this nature are extremely complex and require the best legal advice at the outset. There are certain legal issues which arise immediately upon arrest and detention for these types of offences and it is therefore in your interests to seek our advice as soon as possible.

For example, possession with intent to supply, where the estimated value of the drugs are over €13,000, carries a mandatory minimum 10 years imprisonment unless certain exceptions are applied from the outset. Often clients are unaware of the risks that can occur when confronted with a charge such as this.


Why you need our advice:

At McIntyre O’Brien solicitors, we can guide you through the criminal justice procedure involved in possession with intent to sell or supply cases. For example, we can attend on you at the Garda station if you’ve been arrested to advise as to how best to properly deal with being questioned with a charge of this nature.

We can also advise you as to what defences may arise in respect of this type of an offence and your rights in respect of same. For example, the Constitution declares that the dwelling of a citizen is inviolable and shall not be entered forcibly except in accordance with the law. This means that no one, including the Gardaí, may enter the place where you live without a warrant or other legal authority to enter. Evidence obtained as a result of an unlawful entry onto your dwelling is inadmissible in court and can be significant in cases of this nature.

No matter the charge, we always ensure that our client’s right to a fair trial is always protected; we are renowned for being zealous and for fighting tirelessly in protecting our client’s rights and their presumption of innocence. If you would like to speak to our office to discuss any of the above then please contact us at 074-9725105.

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