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At McIntyre O’Brien solicitors, we can provide you with the relevant family law advice that you require when dealing with the issue of maintenance payments. We can assist you in completing your statement of means and affidavit of welfare and we can advise you as to what would be an appropriate amount of maintenance payment depending on your circumstances. We are on the private practitioner scheme for District Court family law matters and therefore if you qualify for civil legal aid then we can act on your behalf in respect of maintenance proceedings. Read More >>

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Applying for maintenance is one of the most common applications found when dealing in the area of family law. Maintenance can be applied for whether it is a single application on its own being brought before the district court or alternatively maintenance can form part of other larger proceedings, such as dish of separation or divorce proceedings.

At present, the jurisdiction of the district court allows for the award of maintenance to be limited to €500 per week for the support of a spouse and €150 per week for the support of a child.

The payment of maintenance can be made directly between the parties or can be made directly to the District Court office. In the court office there are computerised payment systems in place which allow for the tracking of payments.

In the event that a creditor fails to make their payment then in those circumstances it is possible for the person who is entitled to the maintenance to make an application to the court in order to recover the arrears.

If you require any further advice in respect of the above please do not hesitate to contact us or call our office number at 074-972 5105.


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