Legal Aid

Criminal Legal Aid Scheme

Many of our clients are entitled for their legal representation to be paid through the criminal legal aid scheme. We can advise you of your eligibility for the scheme and we can make the necessary applications on your behalf. We are on the criminal legal aid panel for every county in Ireland and are therefore in a position to represent you in every criminal court in the Republic of Ireland, including the District Court, Circuit Criminal Court, Central Criminal Court, the Special Criminal Court, the Court of Criminal Appeal and the Supreme Court.

An applicant for legal aid must establish to the satisfaction of the court that his/her means are insufficient to enable him/her to pay for legal aid him/herself. This is purely a discretionary matter for each court and is not governed by any financial eligibility guidelines. The court must also be satisfied that by reason of the ‘gravity of the charge’ or ‘exceptional circumstances’ it is essential in the interests of justice that the applicant should have legal aid. However, where the charge is one of murder or where an appeal is one from the Court of Criminal Appeal to the Supreme Court, free legal aid is granted merely on the grounds of insufficient means.

District Court

If your case is being dealt with in the District Court, your entitlement for legal aid will be based on the seriousness of the offence and whether there is a risk to your liberty and the means of your disposable income. If you are under the age of 21 years old, the income of your parents will need to be taken into consideration if you are a dependent child.

Circuit Criminal Court, Central Criminal Court, Special Criminal Court and Court of Criminal Courts

In all other courts, your entitlement to legal aid is much greater considering the seriousness of the charges.

Criminal Assets Bureau (CAB) Legal Aid Scheme

If you are subject to an application brought by the Criminal Assets Bureau (CAB) against your assets and/or property, then you will probably be entitled to avail of legal aid under the CAB Ad-Hoc legal aid scheme.

Garda Station Advice Scheme

If arrested and detained for questioning at a Garda Station, if your income is below a certain level (currently in or around €20,000) than you are entitled to free legal advice in the Garda Station during your period of detention.

Private fees

For all other cases which you are not entitled to claim for legal aid, we offer competitive pricing taking into account all of the circumstances of the charge and the client’s means and earnings. In some circumstances we can offer for fees to be paid by instalments.

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