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Civil Litigation

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You, the private client, may require our services if you wish to be advised about any potential matter which may lead to litigation.

Within these areas of our website are some of the more common areas of law that result in civil litigation.

We have the knowledge and expertise to guide you through any matter, whether as a plaintiff or defendant, to protect your rights and interests before any court or tribunal in Ireland.

Please see the within subtopics for more information and please call us at 074 972 5105 for further advice and consultations in respect of your litigation needs.

  • Represented clients before every court in the Country
  • District, Circuit, High Court and Supreme Court
  • Ensuring you receive the best representation
  • Ensuring we act with the greatest professionalism, skill and integrity
  • Over 11 years serving clients
  • 6 highly skilled staff members

Business Partners

We specialise in working with corporate clients.

Private Clients

We specialise in working with private citizens.

Cases Completed

Over 11 years providing professional legal advice and representation.