Debt Collection Recovery

If you are entitled to be paid, then we can help you take the necessary steps to recover your debt.

Cash flow for a business is crucial for survival. Most businesses do not have the level of capital to keep the operation running for very long when customers do not pay up. We can protect the integrity of your business and the service that you provide by aggressively pursuing debtors through our dedicated debt collection service.

The same applies for the individual whether the debt is €100 or €10,000,000; our advice is that if it is your money and you have a lawful entitlement to it, then we will help you pursue its recovery.

The recent increase in the jurisdiction of the courts allows for debt collection proceedings up to €15,000 to be taken in the District Court, up to €70,000 can be taken in the Circuit Court and anything over €70,000 could be taken in the High Court.

We have the necessary experience you need in order to recover your debt. We can send initial letters on your behalf demanding payment; institute the necessary court proceedings and guide you through the process to get your legal judgment; after that we can then advise and implement the enforcement procedures, including the registering of judgment mortgages, instalment order proceedings, remitting the matter to the Sheriff for seizure and garnishee orders.

If you require advice or assistance in these matters, please contact us at 074-9725105.

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