Solicitors can now attend Garda Interviews

Sunday, June 22nd, 2014

A profound change in criminal investigations has occurred with the DPP having directed that Solicitors are now allowed into the interview room if their client requests them to be present during a detention. Previously, solicitors were only allowed to have access to our client during the course of the detention but not to be in the room during questioning. The change has come about as a result of the decisions of DPP v. Gormley & Others which recently gave further guidance to the issue by the Supreme Court.

This change in procedure is welcomed albeit with a caveat. The fact remains that this profound change will need to be closely reviewed in the short term. Further, the fact that the Law Society were not consulted prior to the decision has left criminal defence practitioners trying to ascertain the extent and duties of our roles in such situations. Clearly, more dialogue is necessary between all of the authorities and it will be sometime before the extent of this decision is understood.

To read more on this, please see the Irish Times link here.

In the meantime, we are available to our clients to assist them in any situation where they are arrested. If this applies to you or someone on your behalf, please call us immediately at 074-9725105.